Know You’re on Track for Retirement

When you imagine yourself living from a fixed income, how do you feel?

Confident you will be able to maintain your current lifestyle or cautiously hopeful you will have enough? The peace of mind we all seek comes from accurate assessments, smart strategy, and proper planning. Unfortunately, the same preparations that are meant to protect our futures can often become a great source of stress:

  • Feeling bombarded with contradictory investment advice.
  • Not having enough time to determine what's accurate for you.
  • Paying tons of fees for financial services and products you've been told you need.
  • Turning your money over to people you barely know (and hoping you can trust them).

It's enough to make anyone's head spin. Which is why working with financial advisors who put your interests first is so important. And while there's no way of knowing with absolute certainty that you will meet your financial goals, you can do a lot better than "just hoping." That's where we come in.

About Us

We're Robinson Smith Wealth Advisors – a financial services and investment firm dedicated to providing comprehensive wealth management for high net-worth individuals. We offer evidence-based investment (EBI) solutions that are low cost, tax efficient and empirically-driven.

Our philosophy is simple: Wealth should be a source of enjoyment, not a source of contention. We aim to take the stress out of financial planning so our clients can enjoy life both now and in the future. RSWA traces its roots back to 1995 when David Robinson founded Robinson Financial Associates.  In 2013, David Smith and David Robinson joined forces to create Robinson Smith Wealth Advisors, LLC with offices in Portland and Portsmouth. With over 40 years worth of experience in the financial services sector, the two set out to create a firm that they would be delighted to be served by as clients.

Today our team consists of several members experienced in managing large portfolios for both individuals and families in New England and across the country. The firm manages more than $200M in assets while serving over 160 clients and families.  But we are not just here to manage portfolios; we are here to make a difference. Which is why we are passionate about working with our clients, so they make wise investment and financial choices.

Our Values

Integrity: We will never advise our clients to do something we would not advise our own families and we will always be forthcoming if the answer to a question is truly "We're not sure."

Collaboration: Though we handle everything on behalf of our clients, we also want them to understand exactly what we are doing and why. We are on the same team – working together to achieve your goals.

Education: Over the years, we have discovered the more "mental models" we have to draw from, the more ingenuity we exercise when problem-solving. Whether it be peer-reviewed journals, mystery books or Tim Ferris podcasts we are always learning from a variety of sources.

Balance: Though you can sometimes find a team member working on a Saturday, we all enjoy balanced lifestyles. From blue grass concerts to kids basketball games to home improvement projects, we prioritize what matters. And we work hard during the week so that our clients can do the same.

Who We Serve

At Robinson Smith Wealth Advisors, we serve a diverse array of high net-worth individuals who generally fall into these categories:

You work hard pouring everything you have into your company and career.  What little time you have left over is best spent with family, friends and pursuing hobbies.  Not filling out paperwork and tracking your investments.  But it needs to get done; that’s where we come in.  At RSWA, we understand executives and professionals.  In fact, we’ve been in your shoes during our careers.  We will coordinate your investments and plan for your retirement and act as your personal CFO.  In addition to investment portfolio management and retirement planning, we work with and assist executives and professionals with the following:

  • Pre-filling paperwork and using e-signature to make it easy on you
  • Convenience of in-person, video or conference call meetings
  • Stock options and restricted stock planning
  • Pension and Social Security analysis
  • Executive compensation planning
  • Retirement income projections
  • Risk management protection
  • Charitable Giving
  • Family Legacy

NOTE: Already retired? But looking for additional guidance? We can help.

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Life is full of interesting chapters – opening a new business, planning for college or coming into an inheritance are just a few of the unique financial situations that can occur. As with any new situation, questions on how to best proceed will arise. At Robinson Smith Wealth Advisors, we help individuals navigate a variety of unfamiliar financial situations with confidence and support. We offer:

  • Inheritance strategy & management
  • Retirement plan options for business owners
  • Planning for the sale of a business
  • Relocating to another state
  • Estate planning & trusts
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At Robinson Smith Wealth Advisors, we have a substantial amount of female clients. As our clientele largely comes from referrals, we believe this is because of our collaborative work-style. We understand that all investors – regardless of gender – want to feel understood, respected and supported.

In fact, such open communication is paramount to delivering customized results that serve the unique individual. It is for these reasons you will likely find our advisors enjoyable to work with. At RSWA, we partner with women of wealth to resolve the following challenges:

  • Transition issues (i.e. death of a spouse, divorce, career change)
  • Retirement planning and investment management
  • Longevity income analysis
  • Long-term care insurance
  • Charitable giving
  • Estate planning
  • Family legacy
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