Donovan Ingle, CFP®, RMA®

Financial Advisor


My path into the Financial Planning industry differs from many other Advisors in our field. Many fall in love with investing and researching stocks. For me, the personal-finance and planning side of the business was my first love. I accredit this to my family and upbringing.

My parents were fairly young when I was born, leading me to have a front-row seat to the financial challenges many young adults face. I watched as my mom and stepdad worked multiple jobs at a time to make ends meet for much of my childhood. Fortunately, they decided they had enough of living that way and decided to seek help and completely turned their financial situation around through financial education courses and eventually a financial advisor.

Those lessons gave me two valuable perspective on money:

  1. The importance of managing your finances.
  2. The power of financial education.

I spent much of my high school and college years learning all I could about budgeting, managing money, and growing wealth. I always knew I wanted a career that allowed me to help people; money and finances happened to be the medium I use to achieve that.


1. I have run 7 full marathons, including the Boston and New York City Marathons.
2. I grew up in Southern Indiana but am now happy to call the Seacoast home.
3. I am a graduate of the University of Louisville with a major in Finance. 
4. I am an avid sports fan and loyal supporter of my Indianapolis Colts, St. Louis Cardinals, and all University of Louisville athletics.
5. Some of my hobbies include running, rec league volleyball, biking, hiking, camping, and playing with my dog, Auggie.


Donovan Ingle is a Financial Advisor with RSWA and holds the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and RETIREMENT MANAGEMENT ADVISOR® designations. He has been in the financial planning industry for over four years after working four years at a community bank. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Finance from the University of Louisville and an Executive Certificate in Financial Planning from Bellarmine University.


Donovan and his wife, Hanna, live in Dover, NH with their dog, Auggie, and cat, Aurora. Hanna is a Funeral Director at a local funeral home. Donovan and Hanna enjoy traveling, hiking, hanging out with their animals, playing rec league volleyball, and are still searching for some snow related hobbies to get them through the New England winters.

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