Our Fees


We do not receive commissions from third-parties and we never get paid to sell investment products. We are compensated only by clients. We are fiduciaries and are required to  act in your best interest. We believe this model reduces conflicts of interest and allows us to provide you with the most objective advice.

We are also members of NAPFA (the country’s leading professional association of Fee-Only financial advisors). Visit our Professional Affiliations page to learn more.


Our most common fee structure is an "AUM" or assets-under-management fee that typically starts at 1% of AUM and may be reduced once assets exceed $1M.  This fee typically covers both our investment management and financial planning services.

We also offer an annual retainer fee if the AUM fee structure does not work for the client's situation.  Generally, this fee structure is reserved for "young accumulators" or other investors who have yet to accumulate significant investable assets due to special situations (receiving an inheritance, future sale of business, etc.)


We don't have a set minimum amount for investable assets, we do charge a minimum annual retainer fee based on the complexity of the client's investment and planning needs. Please contact us to discuss your situation and see if our services align with your needs.