Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We provide  financial planning and investment management on an ongoing basis. We have some clients who prefer to receive only financial planning or investment management, however, it's our experience that we are able to offer the highest level of service if we combine both services.

We feel financial planning and investment management are most impactful and effective when delivered in an ongoing continual relationship. We do not create one-time financial plans and only rarely provide hourly consulting for special circumstances.

Our preferred custodian for brokerage accounts is Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.

Yes. We are able to manage and trade your 401(k) or other active retirement savings plan using a 3rd party technology solution.

If you own individual stock positions or other investments that you do not wish to sell because they hold special meaning for you (family inheritance) or they have high unrealized gains, we will work with you to incorporate the "legacy" positions in your overall asset allocation. Generally, we do recommend a systematic and tax-sensitive reduction of any large concentrated investment.  If you partake in a company stock plan and receive stock options or restricted stock, we will put together a plan to help manage the risk of the accumulating position. 

We begin the process by gathering information that will help us put together the first draft of your financial plan and decide what types of investment accounts to set up. We will open new investment accounts and transfer assets from your current financial institution(s).  We will discuss your goals, assess your comfort with risk and determine an appropriate investment allocation. This entire process will usually take place over 3 - 6 months depending on how quickly you are able to return information to us and the complexity of your situation. Plan to "meet" with us anywhere from 2 - 4 times as we work through the initial process. A lot of the collaboration can be done via phone, web conference, or email but our preference is to meet with you face-to-face for the initial planning meeting and when we finalize the first iteration of your financial plan.  We try to be as flexible as possible to accommodate your busy schedule. We will answer any immediate questions you have and make sure you're comfortable throughout the process. 

We encourage clients to meet with us twice a year and if one of those meetings can be done face-to-face, that's great! During these meetings we will review your investment portfolio, update your financial plan for any changes, and work through the inevitable task list that results from putting together a financial plan. We encourage you to contact us throughout the year, whenever you have a question or need some financial guidance.  You will also receive a quarterly investment report from us and other communications regarding RMD reminders, IRA contribution deadlines, year-end tax planning, etc. We also put on a number of social and educational events throughout the year.  We find it's a great way for clients to connect and for us to engage with you outside of the office. We produce a weekly email that summarizes the week's top investment-related news stories and includes links to other fun, lifestyle articles. We also periodically write financial blog posts on topics ranging from college planning to Continuing Care Retirement Communities