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June 24, 2016By Dave Robinson, CFP ® Surprising pundits and pollsters, Britain voted to leave the European Union yesterday. The vote was close, but the majority of voters signaled
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June 10, 2016By David Smith, CIMA® CFP ® Getting a child through college has become an American anxiety.  The rising cost of college has made attending challenging even for families with
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May 19, 2016By Dave Robinson, CFP ® I recently experienced a professional first. I’m in agreement with a quote coming from Merrill Lynch. The quote that “It’s always something”
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Uncompromised advice:  We are completely independent and do not earn commissions from products.  We are accountable only to you.  

Integrated investment and financial planning:  We focus on your entire financial situation, not just one piece.  Integration creates the best outcomes.

Investments based on research:  We use low cost, tax efficient investment strategies supported by empirical evidence.  No using hunches or guesses with your money. 

Consultative:  We consult, discuss and collaborate with clients so they make better informed decisions.  We are on the same team working together to achieve your goals.

Our model is focused on creating the best experience and outcome for our clients.
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