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After this past weekend, President Trump had to be very pleased.  He jump started the stalled trade talks with China at the G-20 summit, and he was the first President to step foot in North Korea, at a meeting that restarted the nuclear negotiations with the isolated nation.  The news about the trip was positive and the stock markets (already close to highs) rallied Monday and the S&P 500 hit a new high with upward momentum continuing through mid-week. 

Yet the weekend had the feeling that we've all been here before, like entering a maze and wandering around for a while, only to discover you were right back where you started.  Though the weekend provided great photo ops and renewed optimism for restarting negotiations around two thorny international issues, we are no further along to resolving them than we were months ago.  And in the background, the Iranians admitted to breaking the terms of their accord for uranium enrichment, and just like that the weekend developments seem so-so.  All three international issues are complex, have some very intractable components, and will take months, if not years, to resolve – if they are resolved.  But we will continue to watch and comment on them for their impact on the markets and economy as we work our way through the maze.

On the lighter side and in honor of the Fourth of July, there are Americana articles and trivia sprinkled throughout this week's edition.  Can you get all the trivia correct (without using Google!)?  Answers are at the end – have fun and let me know how you do!  There are also articles on social security, data showing the U.S. economy is decelerating (but still expanding), and a RSWA winning golf team!  All this and more in this week's The Friday Buzz.  Enjoy and have a very Happy Fourth of July weekend! 

Trivia Questions #1 - Easy:  Who Wrote the Declaration of Independence?  What year was the Louisiana Purchase?  Who was the first mailman in Philadelphia?  What was the date of the first moon landing?

Trivia Questions #2 – Moderate:  Independence Day was first established as a holiday by Congress in what year?  In what war, did the most U.S. citizens die and how many died?  Who coined the phrase New England?  What is the oldest city in the United States?  On what holiday and in what year was the city of Portland, Maine incorporated?

Trivia Questions #3 – Hard:  Who was the first President of the United States in Congress Assembled under the Articles of Confederation (trick question? 😊)?  What holiday did the colony of Massachusetts ban in 1659 which lasted a generation?  What does the red, white and blue symbolize in the U.S. flag?  We all know that on the stars on the American flag represent the states and the stripes represent the 13 original colonies.  But what is the symbolism behind using stars and stripes?

Answers to trivia:  

Trivia Questions #1 – Thomas Jefferson; 1803; Benjamin Franklin; July 20, 1969

Trivia Questions #2 – 1870; Civil War – approximately 655,000John Smith coined the word New England; St. Augustine, Florida; Though settled much earlier, the city of Portland, Maine did not incorporate until July 4th, 1876;

Trivia Questions #3 – John Hanson; Christmas (those Puritans also made it illegal to bathe without a doctor's note in 1845!); ; Flag symbolism:  Red – hardiness & valor; white – purity & innocence; blue – vigilance, perseverance & justice.  Stars are a symbol of the heavens and the divine goal to which man aspires and the stripes are symbolic of the rays of light emanating from the sun (Source).

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I hope you enjoyed the trivia and Americana articles, please forward to anyone who would enjoy them.  Have a wonderful Fourth of July weekend!


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